Transform Your Meetings With Quick Team Timeouts

Boost engagement, creativity, and productivity - all while having a blast! Take10's fun, fast, modern games are designed to cure meeting fatigue, while enhancing collaboration and performance in remote, hybrid, or in-person meetings. Engagement guaranteed!

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How it works

  • Launch Take10 at the start of your meeting and answer a few quick questions to tailor the experience.
  • Choose from a variety of AI-optimized, meeting-specific, time-boxed games.
  • Enjoy Take10's fun and effortless team-building that gets the whole team - even negative nellys - engaged.


Truly Engaging

Truly Engaging

AI-driven Take10 games ensure every team member, even the most reluctant, gets engaged to create truly impactful team-bonding moments.



Tailored games prime relevant skills and energize your team, setting the perfect tone for any meeting - it's like a warm-up for your meeting, but way more fun!



Control your meeting time with flexible game durations. Say goodbye to icebreakers that overrun and enjoy precise, impactful activities.

Play Anywhere

Play Anywhere

Seamlessly engage your team with Take10, perfect for remote, in-person, and hybrid meetings - because fun has no boundaries!

Level up your team

Over 45% of team members wish they did more team-building and the difference between teams that do the right amount vs not enough is substantial.*



~5 weeks' worth of extra productivity per team-member each year.ᴮ


Team NPS*ᴬ

About the same as the difference in satisfaction between a luxury hotel and an average hotel.ꟲ



Almost 3/4 of teams have a low level of collaboration.ᴰ

* Based on 54 survey responses collected by Take10 (February - April 2024); ᴬ Average delta between respondents who said their teams do team-building "the right amount" vs "not often enough"; ᴮ Assumes employee is working year-round; ꟲ Delighted by qualtrics; ᴰ Deloitte study

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‘‘Take10's platform supports team bonding and engagement, directly translating to increased team performance - as supported by decades of research. Take10 has done a fantastic job using the academic research to design a truly meaningful experience that will take your team's performance to the next level.’’

Jessica Siegel Christian

Clinical Professor of Organizational Behavior

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